Sinfest 2017


Sinfest is fall concert created by WSIN Radio open to the public. WSIN brings in local talent to perform in the Adanti Student Center ballroom on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University. This year Sinfest will take place on Friday, October 20th and features the artists Kay Dos, WasionKey, Say Kuro, Kenny Urban, and DJ Double T.

Spring Showcase 2017


Next Thursday, April 27th, WSIN will be hosting it’s annual Spring Showcase!

This years theme is Beach Luau.  Beach-themed apparel is not required but encouraged!! As always, the event is free and open to the general public! All performances brought to you by members of the SCSU Student body! Come out and support your local artists, enjoy some good music and free food.

Speak Out at Buley Library

Tomorrow, February 2nd, there will be a speak out in front of the Buley Library, hosted by members of the NAACP and the Muslim Student Association, to protest the recent executive order passed by president Donald Trump which bans valid, green-card holding members from several middle eastern countries from re-entering the United States.dsc_0041

The speak out is a demonstration of solidarity for members of the student body who, directly or indirectly, are affected by Trumps decision.

The speak out will be this Thursday, February 2nd, at 4pm.

Welcome Back! Spring 2017

Hope you all had a great holiday! We’re looking forward to the new semester of shows and events. Spring Showcase, our newest event, is coming up soon and we’re looking for students on campus that have an interest in performing. If you know anyone or you yourself have an interest in performing at the event (and you ARE A STUDENT AT SOUTHERN) then please contact us at Stay tuned for an updated schedule of new shows this semester and if you’re interested in your own show come to our meeting on Monday 23 at 1:00pm in the Adanti Student Center RM 326.


In the meantime,  check out this playlist our music director came up with of local artists!


Support Your College Radio Station!

Check out this article from the perspective of a student doing campus broadcasting and how she notices that students abandon listening to the radio when they get to college. Very insightful article about why you should listen and support your campus radio station.

Check it out here:

The Case for College Radio


Welcome Back To College Kids

Another summer gone too soon, but on the bright side that means new radio shows will be coming on! Thinking of having you’re own show this year? Come stop by the station in the Adanti Student Center RM 210 and fill out a show request form. In the mean time here’s a little article I found about the first year expirence for those out there that are starting college for the first time.  –Stay cool

Your First Year of College: 25 Strategies and Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year and Beyond