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Get A Radio Show!

Interested in having your own radio show? Want to get into Journalism and Broadcast Media?  Then WSIN Radio is the place for you! We are an independent radio station at Southern with a diverse range of music from pop, caribbean, latin and more. We also have talk shows with a great opportunity for anyone interested in sports broadcasting.  If you’re interested in becoming a DJ, we have our own mixer board that we carry with us when we host events on campus (you may see us around hauling speakers and other equipment). WSIN is like a family, not only do you get to listen to good music, but you get to make new friends and enjoy a sense of community. So what are you waiting for???

Fill out this form and send it back either through email or stop by the station and say hi!

Stay cool,

WSIN Radio Crew




Sinfest 2015!

Welcome to the 90’s…..Again! This Sinfest our theme was 90’s to the core. People had so much fun dressing up for this event especially since it was so close to Halloween. We are never disappointed with how well people dress up every year, especially this year. We had Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Mulder and Scully  from the X Files, and a complete group of the Spice Girls, plus more! We love it when the bands dress up too. We had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, a Mad scientist, and Batman!  We had some awesome 90’s themed prizes to give away to the best dressed costumes as well (great job guys!). This year we had the great privilege to have three bands for our event. We had Cometa, Off the Dome, and Bella’s Bartok. Each band put on a great show for the crowd, engaging and interacting with the audience and giving out good vibes to dance to.

Big thanks to the Cometa, Off the Dome, and Bella’s Bartok for being able to play at our event, you guys rocked!

Sinfest is always free to the student body and the public as well. We support local bands by having them play at our event. If you’re in a band or know of a band contact us for more information for a chance to play next years Sinfest 2016!

Check out the bands from this years Sinfest here:



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