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WebMaster at SCSU's radio station, WSIN Radio 1590 AM

Get A Radio Show!

Interested in having your own radio show? Want to get into Journalism and Broadcast Media?  Then WSIN Radio is the place for you! We are an independent radio station at Southern with a diverse range of music from pop, caribbean, latin and more. We also have talk shows with a great opportunity for anyone interested in sports broadcasting.  If you’re interested in becoming a DJ, we have our own mixer board that we carry with us when we host events on campus (you may see us around hauling speakers and other equipment). WSIN is like a family, not only do you get to listen to good music, but you get to make new friends and enjoy a sense of community. So what are you waiting for???

Fill out this form and send it back either through email or stop by the station and say hi!

Stay cool,

WSIN Radio Crew




ConnectiCon 2015

During the month of July, we had the opportunity for the second year in a row to attend and observe the ConnectiCon held at the Hartford Convention Center. Back in 2014 we had reported our experience of our first CT Con on one of  the station’s radio shows,  ThrowBack Thursdays (which you can listen to at the end of the post), but we felt that just having a show wasn’t doing the con justice. That’s why we are reporting what we experienced on our website so you all can get a better feel for the convention.

Here’s what we saw last year.

This conversion was super fun, we all had a great time. We hope to be able to do this again this year!


CTCon 2014 audio from ThrowBack Thursdays!

Check out Country Fried Radio Show!

Hey all! Check out this amazing interview that Tyler, co-host of Country Fried, did with lead singer Scott McLaughlin of the country music band, Scotty Mac Band. You can check out Tyler’s show, Country Fried, every Tuesday from 6:00pm-8:00pm and Conutry Fried Interviews every Fridays from 10:00am-11:00am.


check out the interview here:





Sports ‘n’ Tunes -SOTW 04/25-05/02

Congratulations to Quinn and Chris, the hosts of Sports ‘n’ Tunes, for winning show of the week on 04/25-05/02. These two host a sports show that turns into a music show playing nothing, but Disney music! You can listen to their show every Monday from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

*Sports ‘n’ Tunes is the last to win Show of the week, stay tuned next week when we announce who won the Show of the Semester between all the winners of the Show of the Week!